wradlib.zonalstats.mask_from_bbox(x, y, bbox, *, polar=False)[source]#

Return 2-d index array based on spatial selection from a bounding box.

Use this function to create a 2-d boolean mask from 2-d arrays of grids points.

  • x (numpy.ndarray) – x (Cartesian) coordinates of shape (num rows, num columns)

  • y (numpy.ndarray) – y (Cartesian) coordinates of shape (num rows, num columns)

  • bbox (dict) – dictionary with keys “left”, “right”, “bottom”, “top” These must refer to the same Cartesian reference system as x and y

  • polar (bool) – if True, x, y are aligned polar (azimuth x range)


mask, shape (numpy.ndarray, tuple) – mask is a boolean array that is True if the point is inside the bbox, shape is the shape of the True subgrid