wradlib.classify.msf_index_indep(msf, idp, obs)[source]#

Retrieve membership function values based on independent observable

  • msf (numpy.ndarray) – Array of size (hmc-classes, observables, indep-ranges, 4) containing the values of the trapezoidal msf values for every hmc-class and observable within the independent observable range.

  • idp (numpy.ndarray) – Array of length of the independent observable containing the ranges of the independent observable.

  • obs (numpy.ndarray) – Array of arbitrary shape containing the data of the independent observable (eg. (rays, bins) or (scan, rays, bins)).


out (numpy.ndarray) – Array of shape (hmc-classes, observables, obs.shape, 4) containing the membership function values for every radar-bin for every hmc-class and observable.