wradlib.vis.plot_plan_and_vert(x, y, z, dataxy, datazx, datazy, unit='', title='', saveto='', **kwargs)[source]#

Plot 2-D plan view of dataxy together with vertical sections dataxz and datazy

  • x (numpy.ndarray) – array of x-axis coordinates

  • y (numpy.ndarray) – array of y-axis coordinates

  • z (numpy.ndarray) – array of z-axis coordinates

  • dataxy (numpy.ndarray) – 2d array of shape (len(x), len(y))

  • datazx (numpy.ndarray) – 2d array of shape (len(z), len(x))

  • datazy (numpy.ndarray) – 2d array of shape (len(z), len(y))

  • unit (str) – unit of data arrays

  • title (str) – figure title

  • saveto (str) – file path if figure should be saved

Keyword Arguments:

**kwargs (dict) – other kwargs which can be passed to matplotlib.pyplot.contourf