wradlib.georef.projection.reproject(*args, **kwargs)[source]#
wradlib.georef.projection.reproject(obj: Dataset, **kwargs)
wradlib.georef.projection.reproject(obj: DataArray, **kwargs)

Transform coordinates from a source projection to a target projection.

Call signatures:

reproject(C, **kwargs)
reproject(X, Y, **kwargs)
reproject(X, Y, Z, **kwargs)

C is the np array of source coordinates. X, Y and Z specify arrays of x, y, and z coordinate values

Keyword Arguments
  • src_crs (osgeo.osr.SpatialReference) – defaults to EPSG(4326)

  • trg_crs (osgeo.osr.SpatialReference) – defaults to EPSG(4326)

  • area_of_interest (tuple) – floats (WestLongitudeDeg, SouthLatitudeDeg, EastLongitudeDeg, NorthLatitudeDeg), only gdal>=3, defaults to None (no area of interest)


  • trans (numpy.ndarray) – Array of reprojected coordinates x,y (…,2) or x,y,z (…,3) depending on input array.

  • X, Y (numpy.ndarray) – Arrays of reprojected x,y coordinates, shape depending on input array

  • X, Y, Z (numpy.ndarray) – Arrays of reprojected x,y,z coordinates, shape depending on input array


See Example for georeferencing a radar dataset.