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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2011-2023, wradlib developers.
# Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for more info.

Rainbow Data I/O

Reads data from Leonardo's Rainbow5 data formats. Former available code was ported to
`xradar <>`__-package and is imported from there.

:func:`` reads all data and metadata into a dictionary.
Reading sweep data can be skipped by setting `loaddata=False`.

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__all__ = ["read_rainbow"]
__doc__ = __doc__.format("\n   ".join(__all__))

from import rainbow as xrainbow

from wradlib import util

def get_rb_blob_from_file(name, blobdict):
    """Read BLOB data from file and return it with correct
    dataWidth and shape

    name : str or file-like
        Path to Rainbow file or file-like object
    blobdict : dict
        Blob Dict

    data : :py:class:`numpy:numpy.ndarray`
        Content of blob as numpy array
    with util._open_file(name) as f:
        datastring =

    data = xrainbow.get_rb_blob_from_string(datastring, blobdict)

    return data

def get_rb_file_as_string(fid):
    """Read Rainbow File Contents in data_string

    fid : object
        File handle of Data File

    data_string : str
        File Contents as data_string

        data_string =
    except Exception as err:
        raise OSError("Could not read from file handle.") from err

    return data_string

def get_rb_blobs_from_file(fid, rbdict):
    """Read all BLOBS found in given nested dict, loads them from file
    given by filename and add them to the dict at the appropriate position.

    fid : object
        File handle of Data File
    rbdict : dict
        Rainbow file Contents

    ret : dict
        Rainbow File Contents

    blobs = list(xrainbow.find_key("@blobid", rbdict))

    datastring = get_rb_file_as_string(fid)
    for blob in blobs:
        data = xrainbow.get_rb_blob_from_string(datastring, blob)
        blob["data"] = data

    return rbdict

[docs] def read_rainbow(filename, *, loaddata=True): """Reads Rainbow files according to their structure In contrast to other file readers under :mod:``, this function will *not* return a two item tuple with (data, metadata). Instead, this function returns ONE dictionary that contains all the file contents - both data and metadata. The keys of the output dictionary conform to the XML outline in the original data file. The radar data will be extracted from the data blobs, converted and added to the dict with key 'data' at the place where the @blobid was pointing from. Parameters ---------- filename : str or file-like a rainbow file path or file-like object of rainbow file loaddata : bool Defaults to True. If False function returns only metadata. Returns ------- rbdict : dict a dictionary that contains both data and metadata according to the original rainbow file structure Examples -------- See :ref:`/notebooks/fileio/legacy/read_rainbow.ipynb`. """ with util._open_file(filename) as f: rbdict = xrainbow.get_rb_header(f) if loaddata: rbdict = get_rb_blobs_from_file(f, rbdict) return rbdict