wradlib.dp.unfold_phi_vulpiani(phidp, kdp, *, th=-20, winlen=7)[source]#
wradlib.dp.unfold_phi_vulpiani(obj: Dataset, **kwargs)

Alternative phase unfolding which completely relies on \(K_{DP}\).

This unfolding should be used in oder to iteratively reconstruct \(Phi_{DP}\) and \(K_{DP}\) (see [Vulpiani et al., 2012]).


\(Phi_{DP}\) is assumed to be in the interval [-180, 180] degree. From experience the window for calculation of \(K_{DP}\) should not be too large to catch possible phase wraps.

  • phidp (numpy.ndarray) – array of floats

  • kdp (numpy.ndarray) – array of floats

  • th (float, optional) – Threshold th3 in the above citation, defaults to -20.

  • winlen (int, optional) – Length of window to fix possible phase over-correction. Normally should take the value of the length of the processing window in the above citation, defaults to 7.


phidp (numpy.ndarray) – array of floats