wradlib.io.radolan.open_radolan_dataset(filename_or_obj, **kwargs)[source]#

Open and decode a RADOLAN dataset from a file or file-like object.


filename_or_obj (str, Path, file-like or DataStore) – Strings and Path objects are interpreted as a path to a local or remote file.

Keyword Arguments:
  • fillmissing (bool) – Fill truncated data, defaults to False.

  • copy (bool) – Create copies instead of views into the data, defaults to False.

  • ancillary (bool, tuple of str) – If True, resturns ancillary masks (“secondary”, “nodatamask”, “cluttermask”) as additional data variables. Can be specified as tuple of strings. Defaults to False.

  • **kwargs (dict, optional) – Additional arguments passed on to xarray.open_dataset.


dataset (xarray.Dataset)