wradlib.georef.raster.extract_raster_dataset(dataset, *, mode='center', nodata=None)[source]#

Extract data, coordinates and projection information

  • dataset (osgeo.gdal.Dataset) – raster dataset

  • mode (str) – either ‘center’ or ‘edge’

  • nodata (float) – replace nodata values


  • values (numpy.ndarray) – Array of shape (nrows, ncols) or (nbands, nrows, ncols) containing the data values.

  • coords (numpy.ndarray) – Array of shape (nrows,ncols,2) containing xy coordinates. The array indexing follows image convention with origin at the upper left pixel (northup). The shape is (nrows+1,ncols+1,2) if mode == edge.

  • projection (osgeo.osr.SpatialReference) – Spatial reference system of the used coordinates.