wradlib.georef.rect.get_radolan_coordinates(nrows=None, ncols=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Calculates x/y coordinates of radolan projection of the German Weather Service

Returns the 1D x,y coordinates of the radolan projection for the given grid layout.

  • nrows (int) – number of rows (460, 900 by default, 1100, 1500)

  • ncols (int) – number of columns (460, 900 by default, 1400)

Keyword Arguments:
  • wgs84 (bool) – if True, output coordinates are in wgs84 lonlat format (default: False)

  • mode (str) – ‘radolan’ - lower left pixel coordinates ‘center’ - pixel center coordinates ‘edge’ - pixel edge coordinates

  • crs (osgeo.osr.SpatialReference | str) – projection of the DWD grid with spheroid model or string trig to use trigonometric formulas for calculation (only for earth model - sphere). Defaults to None (earth model - sphere).


radolan_ccords (tuple) – x and y 1D coordinate numpy.ndarray shape is (nrows, ) and (ncols, ) if mode=’radolan’ shape is (nrows, ) and (ncols, ) if mode=’center’ shape is (nrows+1, ) and (ncols+1, ) if mode=’edge’