wradlib.georef.polar.maximum_intensity_projection(data, *, r=None, az=None, angle=None, elev=None, autoext=True)[source]#

Computes the maximum intensity projection along an arbitrary cut through the ppi from polar data.

  • data (numpy.ndarray) – Array containing polar data (azimuth, range)

  • r (numpy.ndarray, optional) – Array containing range data

  • az (numpy.ndarray, optional) – Array containing azimuth data

  • angle (float, optional) – angle of slice, Defaults to 0. Should be between 0 and 180. 0. means horizontal slice, 90. means vertical slice

  • elev (float, optional) – elevation angle of scan, Defaults to 0.

  • autoext (bool, optional) – This routine uses numpy.numpy.digitize to bin the data. As this function needs bounds, we create one set of coordinates more than would usually be provided by r and az. Defaults to True.