wradlib.io.iris.read_iris(filename, loaddata=True, rawdata=False, debug=False, keep_old_sweep_data=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Read Iris file and return dictionary.

  • filename (str or file-like) – Filename of data file or file-like object.

  • loaddata (bool or dict) – If true, retrieves whole data section from file. If false, retrievs only ingest_data_headers, but no data. If dict, retrieves according to given dict:

    loaddata = {'moment': ['DB_DBZ', 'DB_VEL'],
                'sweep': [1, 3, 9]}
  • rawdata (bool) – If true, returns raw unconverted/undecoded data.

  • debug (bool) – If true, print debug messages.

  • keep_old_sweep_data (bool) – If true, keeps old sweep_data structure. Defaults to False. This will change to True in a future version.


data (dict) – Ordered Dictionary with data and metadata retrieved from file.