wradlib.vis.create_cg(*, fig=None, subplot=111, rot=-450, scale=-1, angular_spacing=10, radial_spacing=10, latmin=0, lon_cycle=360)[source]#

Helper function to create curvelinear grid

The function makes use of the Matplotlib AXISARTIST toolkit.

Here are some limitations to normal Matplotlib Axes. While using the Matplotlib AxesGrid1 Toolkit most of the limitations can be overcome. See Overview of axes_grid1 toolkit.

  • fig (matplotlib.figure.Figure) – If given, the PPI/RHI will be plotted into this figure object. Axes are created as needed. If None a new figure object will be created or current figure will be used, depending on “subplot”.

  • subplot (matplotlib.gridspec.SubplotSpec) – nrows/ncols/plotnumber, see examples section defaults to ‘111’, only one subplot

  • rot (float) – Rotation of the source data in degrees, defaults to -450 for PPI, use 0 for RHI

  • scale (float) – Scale of source data, defaults to -1. for PPI, use 1 for RHI

  • angular_spacing (float) – Spacing of the angular grid, defaults to 10.

  • radial_spacing (float) – Spacing of the radial grid, defaults to 10.

  • latmin (float) – Startvalue for radial grid, defaults to 0.

  • lon_cycle (float) – Angular cycle, defaults to 360.