wradlib.io.rainbow.read_rainbow(filename, *, loaddata=True)[source]#

Reads Rainbow files according to their structure

In contrast to other file readers under wradlib.io, this function will not return a two item tuple with (data, metadata). Instead, this function returns ONE dictionary that contains all the file contents - both data and metadata. The keys of the output dictionary conform to the XML outline in the original data file. The radar data will be extracted from the data blobs, converted and added to the dict with key ‘data’ at the place where the @blobid was pointing from.

  • filename (str or file-like) – a rainbow file path or file-like object of rainbow file

  • loaddata (bool) – Defaults to True. If False function returns only metadata.


rbdict (dict) – a dictionary that contains both data and metadata according to the original rainbow file structure


See Leonardo Rainbow.