wradlib.vpr.blindspots(center, gridcoords, minelev, maxelev, maxrange)[source]#

Masks blind regions of the radar, marked on a 3-D grid

The radar is blind below the radar, above the radar and beyond the range. The function returns three boolean arrays which indicate whether (1) the grid node is below the radar, (2) the grid node is above the radar, (3) the grid node is beyond the maximum range.

  • center (tuple) – radar location

  • gridcoords (numpy.ndarray) – array of 3-D coordinates with shape (num voxels, 3)

  • minelev (float) – The minimum elevation angle of the volume (degree)

  • maxelev (float) – The maximum elevation angle of the volume (degree)

  • maxrange (float) – maximum range (same unit as gridcoords)


output (tuple) – tuple of three boolean arrays (below, above, out_of_range) each of length (num grid points)