wradlib.classify.filter_window_distance(img, rscale, *, fsize=1500, tr1=7)[source]#
wradlib.classify.filter_window_distance(obj: DataArray, **kwargs)
wradlib.classify.filter_window_distance(obj: Dataset, **kwargs)

2d filter looking for large reflectivity gradients.

This function counts for each bin in img the percentage of surrounding bins in a window of half size fsize which are not tr1 smaller than the central bin. The window is defined using geometrical distance.

  • img (numpy.ndarray) – 2d polar data to which the filter is to be applied

  • rscale (float) – range [m] scale of the polar grid

  • fsize (int) – Half-size [m] of the square window surrounding the central pixel

  • tr1 (float) – Threshold value


output (numpy.ndarray) – an array with the same shape as img, containing the filter’s results.