wradlib.vpr.norm_vpr_stats(volume, reference_layer, *, stat=None, **kwargs)[source]#

Returns the average normalised vertical profile of a volume or any other desired statistics

Given a Cartesian 3-d volume and an arbitrary reference layer index, the function normalises all vertical profiles represented by the volume and computes a static of all profiles (e.g. an average vertical profile using the default stat).

  • volume (numpy.ndarray or) – numpy.ma.MaskedArray Cartesian 3-d grid with shape (num vertical layers, num x intervals, num y intervals)

  • reference_layer (int) – This index defines the vertical layers of volume that is used to normalise all vertical profiles

  • stat (callable) – typically a numpy statistics function (defaults to numpy.mean)

  • kwargs (dict) – further keyword arguments taken by stat


output (numpy.ndarray or numpy.ma.MaskedArray) – Array of shape (num vertical layers, ) which provides the statistic from stat applied over all normalised vertical profiles (e.g. the mean normalised vertical profile if numpy.mean is used)