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#!/usr/bin/env python
# Copyright (c) 2011-2023, wradlib developers.
# Distributed under the MIT License. See LICENSE.txt for more info.

IRIS/Sigmet Data I/O

Reads data from Vaisala's IRIS data formats. Former available code was ported to
`xradar <>`__-package and is imported from there.

IRIS (Vaisala Sigmet Interactive Radar Information System)

See M211318EN-F Programming Guide

Reading sweep data can be skipped by setting `loaddata=False`. By default, the data
is decoded on the fly. Using `rawdata=True` the data will be kept undecoded.

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import struct
import warnings
from collections import OrderedDict

import numpy as np
from import iris as xiris

[docs] class IrisProductFile(xiris.IrisRecordFile): """Class for retrieving data from Sigmet IRIS Product files.""" product_identifier = [ "CATCH", "FCAST", "NDOP", "SLINE", "TDWR", "TRACK", "VAD", "VVP", "WARN", "WIND", "STATUS", ] def __init__(self, filename, **kwargs): """ Parameters ---------- filename : str filename """ super().__init__(filename, **kwargs) self.check_product_identifier() self._protect_setup = None self._data = OrderedDict() if self.loaddata: self.get_data() @property def data(self): return self._data @property def protect_setup(self): return self._protect_setup
[docs] def get_protect_setup(self): protected_setup = self.read_from_record(1024, "uint8") protected_regions = OrderedDict() for i in range(32): region = xiris._unpack_dictionary( protected_setup[i * 32 : i * 32 + 32], xiris.ONE_PROTECTED_REGION, self._rawdata, ) if not region["region_name"].isspace(): protected_regions[i] = region return protected_regions
[docs] def get_results(self, results, num, structure): cnt = struct.calcsize(xiris._get_fmt_string(structure)) for i in range(num): dta = self.read_from_record(cnt, "uint8") res = xiris._unpack_dictionary(dta, structure, self._rawdata) results[i] = res
[docs] def get_data(self): """Retrieves cartesian data from file.""" # set filepointer accordingly self.init_record(0) self._rh.pos = 640 if "protect_setup" in self.product_type_dict: self._protect_setup = self.get_protect_setup() product_end = self.product_hdr["product_end"] product_config = self.product_hdr["product_configuration"] num_elements = product_end["number_elements"] specific_info = product_config["product_specific_info"] result = OrderedDict() if self.product_type in ["FCAST", "NDOP"]: x_size = product_config.get("x_size") y_size = product_config.get("y_size") z_size = product_config.get("z_size", 1) cnt = struct.calcsize( xiris._get_fmt_string(self.product_type_dict["result"]) ) z = [] for _zi in range(z_size): y = [] for _yi in range(y_size): x = [] for _xi in range(x_size): dta = self.read_from_record(cnt, "uint8") res = xiris._unpack_dictionary( dta, self.product_type_dict["result"], self._rawdata ) x.append(res) y.append(x) z.append(y) result[0] = np.array(z) # get vvp num_elements elif self.product_type in ["VVP"]: num_elements = specific_info["num_intervals"] self.get_results(result, num_elements, self.product_type_dict["result"]) # get wind num_elements elif self.product_type in ["WIND"]: num_elements = ( specific_info["num_panel_points"] * specific_info["num_range_points"] ) cnt = struct.calcsize(xiris._get_fmt_string(xiris.VVP_RESULTS)) dta = self.read_from_record(cnt, "uint8") res = xiris._unpack_dictionary(dta, xiris.VVP_RESULTS, self._rawdata) result["VVP"] = res self.get_results(result, num_elements, self.product_type_dict["result"]) elif self.product_type in ["STATUS"]: self.get_results(result, num_elements, self.product_type_dict["result"]) else: if num_elements: self.get_results(result, num_elements, self.product_type_dict["result"]) else: warnings.warn( f"{self.product_type} - No product result array(s) available", RuntimeWarning, stacklevel=3, ) if self._protect_setup is not None: result["protect_setup"] = self._protect_setup self._data = result
[docs] class IrisCartesianProductFile(xiris.IrisRecordFile): """Class for retrieving data from Sigmet IRIS Cartesian Product files.""" product_identifier = [ "MAX", "TOPS", "HMAX", "BASE", "THICK", "PPI", "RHI", "CAPPI", "RAINN", "RAIN1", "CROSS", "SHEAR", "SRI", "RTI", "VIL", "LAYER", "BEAM", "MLHGT", ] def __init__(self, irisfile, **kwargs): """ Parameters ---------- irisfile : str filename """ self._origin = kwargs.get("origin", "lower") super().__init__(irisfile, **kwargs) self.check_product_identifier() self._data = OrderedDict() if self.loaddata: self.get_data() @property def data(self): return self._data
[docs] def fix_ext_header(self, ext): prod_conf = self.product_hdr["product_configuration"] ext.update({"x_size": ext.pop("x_size", prod_conf.get("x_size"))}) ext.update({"y_size": ext.pop("y_size", prod_conf.get("y_size"))}) ext.update({"z_size": ext.pop("z_size", prod_conf.get("z_size", 1))}) ext.update({"data_type": ext.pop("iris_type", prod_conf.get("data_type"))})
[docs] def get_extended_header(self): # hack, get from actual position to end of record ext = self.rh.record[self.rh.pos :] if len(ext) == 0: return False # extended header token search = [0x00, 0xFF] ext = np.where((ext[:-1] == search[0]) & (ext[1:] == search[1]))[0][0] extended_header = OrderedDict([("extended_header", xiris.string_dict(ext))]) ext_str = xiris._unpack_dictionary( self.bytes_from_record(ext, 1), extended_header, self._rawdata )["extended_header"] # skip search bytes self.bytes_from_record(2, 1) ext_hdr = OrderedDict() for d in ext_str.split("\n"): kv = d.split("=") try: ext_hdr[kv[0]] = int(kv[1]) except ValueError: ext_hdr[kv[0]] = kv[1] except Exception: pass self.fix_ext_header(ext_hdr) return ext_hdr
[docs] def get_image(self, header): """Retrieve cartesian image. Parameters ---------- header : dict header dictionary Returns ------- data : :class:`numpy:numpy.ndarray` 3D array of cartesian data """ prod = xiris.SIGMET_DATA_TYPES[header.get("data_type")] x_size = header.get("x_size") y_size = header.get("y_size") z_size = header.get("z_size") cnt = x_size * y_size * z_size data = self.read_from_record(cnt, prod["dtype"]) data = self.decode_data(data, prod=prod) data.shape = (z_size, y_size, x_size) if self._origin == "upper": data = np.flip(data, axis=1) return data
[docs] def get_data(self): """Retrieves cartesian data from file.""" # set filepointer accordingly self.init_record(0) self.rh.pos = 640 product_hdr = self.product_hdr product_end = product_hdr["product_end"] if product_hdr["product_end"]["number_elements"]: warnings.warn( f"{self.product_type} Not Implemented - Product results " "array available \nnot loading dataset", RuntimeWarning, stacklevel=3, ) else: self._data[0] = self.get_image(product_hdr["product_configuration"]) if product_end["extended_product_header_offset"]: ext_hdr = OrderedDict() i = 0 ext = self.get_extended_header() while ext: ext_hdr[i + 1] = ext i += 1 self._data[i] = self.get_image(ext) ext = self.get_extended_header() self.product_hdr["extended_header"] = ext_hdr
[docs] def decode_data(self, data, prod): """Decode data according given prod-dict. Parameters ---------- data : :py:class:`numpy:numpy.ndarray` data to decode prod : dict dictionary holding decoding information Returns ------- data : :py:class:`numpy:numpy.ndarray` decoded data """ if self._rawdata: return data kw = {} if prod["func"]: try: kw.update(prod["fkw"]) except KeyError: pass if prod["func"] in [xiris.decode_vel, xiris.decode_width, xiris.decode_kdp]: wavelength = self.product_hdr["product_end"]["wavelength"] if prod["func"] == xiris.decode_kdp: kw.update({"wavelength": wavelength / 100}) return prod["func"](data, **kw) prf = self.product_hdr["product_end"]["prf"] nyquist = wavelength * prf / (10000.0 * 4.0) kw.update({"nyquist": nyquist}) return prod["func"](data.view(prod["dtype"]), **kw) else: return data
[docs] def read_iris( filename, *, loaddata=True, rawdata=False, debug=False, **kwargs, ): """Read Iris file and return dictionary. Parameters ---------- filename : str or file-like Filename of data file or file-like object. loaddata : bool or dict If true, retrieves whole data section from file. If false, retrievs only ingest_data_headers, but no data. If dict, retrieves according to given dict:: loaddata = {'moment': ['DB_DBZ', 'DB_VEL'], 'sweep': [1, 3, 9]} rawdata : bool If true, returns raw unconverted/undecoded data. debug : bool If true, print debug messages. Returns ------- data : dict Ordered Dictionary with data and metadata retrieved from file. Examples -------- See :ref:`/notebooks/fileio/legacy/read_iris.ipynb`. """ if not isinstance(filename, str): filename = sid, opener = xiris._check_iris_file(filename) if not opener: raise TypeError(f"Unknown Iris File or Iris Product Type {sid}") irisfile = opener( filename, loaddata=loaddata, rawdata=rawdata, debug=debug, **kwargs ) properties = [ "product_hdr", "product_type", "ingest_header", "ingest_data_header", "nrays_expected", "sweep", "nsweeps", "nrays", "nbins", "data_types", "data", "raw_product_bhdrs", "sweeps", "spare_0", "gparm", ] data = OrderedDict() for k in properties: item = getattr(irisfile, k, None) if item: data.update({k: item}) return data