wradlib.io.xarray_depr.open_odim(paths, loader='netcdf4', **kwargs)[source]#

Open multiple ODIM files as a XRadVolume structure.

  • paths (str or sequence) – Either a filename or string glob in the form ‘path/to/my/files/*.h5’ or an explicit list of files to open.

  • loader ({'netcdf4', 'h5py', 'h5netcdf'}) – Loader used for accessing file metadata, defaults to ‘netcdf4’.

  • kwargs (dict, optional) – Additional arguments passed on to wradlib.io.xarray.XRadSweep.

Deprecated since version 1.10: This will be removed in 2.0. Use the appropriate wradlib.io.open_{engine}_dataset or wradlib.io.open_{engine}_mfdataset function.