wradlib.io.xarray.open_radar_mfdataset(paths, **kwargs)[source]#

Open multiple radar files as a single radar sweep dataset or radar volume.

This function uses xarray.open_mfdataset under the hood. Please refer for details to the documentation of xarray.open_mfdataset. Needs dask package to be installed [1].

  • paths (str or sequence) – Either a string glob in the form "path/to/my/files/*" or an explicit list of files to open. Paths can be given as strings or as pathlib Paths. If concatenation along more than one dimension is desired, then paths must be a nested list-of-lists (see xarray.combine_nested for details). (A string glob will be expanded to a 1-dimensional list.)

  • chunks (int or dict, optional) – Dictionary with keys given by dimension names and values given by chunk sizes. In general, these should divide the dimensions of each dataset. If int, chunk each dimension by chunks. By default, chunks will be chosen to load entire input files into memory at once. This has a major impact on performance: please see the full documentation for more details [2].

  • concat_dim (str, or list of str, DataArray, Index or None, optional) – Dimensions to concatenate files along. You only need to provide this argument if combine='by_coords', and if any of the dimensions along which you want to concatenate is not a dimension in the original datasets, e.g., if you want to stack a collection of 2D arrays along a third dimension. Set concat_dim=[..., None, ...] explicitly to disable concatenation along a particular dimension. Default is None, which for a 1D list of filepaths is equivalent to opening the files separately and then merging them with xarray.merge.

  • combine ({"by_coords", "nested"}, optional) – Whether xarray.combine_by_coords or xarray.combine_nested is used to combine all the data. Default is to use xarray.combine_by_coords.

  • engine (str or xarray.backends.BackendEntrypoint) – Engine to use when reading files, eg. wradlib-odim or wradlib.io.backends.OdimBackendEntryPoint.

  • **kwargs (optional) – Additional arguments passed on to xarray.open_mfdataset.


dataset (xarray.Dataset or RadarVolume)