wradlib.georef.rect.get_radolan_coordinates(nrows=None, ncols=None, trig=False, mode='radolan')

Calculates x/y coordinates of radolan projection of the German Weather Service

Returns the 1D x,y coordinates of the radolan projection for the given grid layout.

  • nrows (int) – number of rows (460, 900 by default, 1100, 1500)

  • ncols (int) – number of columns (460, 900 by default, 1400)

  • trig (bool) – if True, uses trigonometric formulas for calculation if False, uses osr spatial reference system to transform between projections trig is recommended to be False, however, the two ways of computation are expected to be equivalent.

  • wgs84 (bool) – if True, output coordinates are in wgs84 lonlat format (default: False)

  • mode (str) – ‘radolan’ - lower left pixel coordinates ‘center’ - pixel center coordinates ‘edge’ - pixel edge coordinates


radolan_ccords (tuple) – tuple x and y 1D coordinate numpy.ndarray shape is (nrows,) and (ncols,) if mode=’radolan’ shape is (nrows,) and (ncols,) if mode=’center’ shape is (nrows+1,) and (ncols+1,) if mode=’edge’