Standard plotting and mapping procedures.

plot_ppi Plots a Plan Position Indicator (PPI).
plot_ppi_crosshair Plots a Crosshair for a Plan Position Indicator (PPI).
plot_rhi Plots a Range Height Indicator (RHI).
WradlibAccessor Dataarray Accessor for plotting radar moments
create_cg Helper function to create curvelinear grid
plot_scan_strategy Plot the vertical scanning strategy
plot_plan_and_vert Plot 2-D plan view of dataxy together with vertical sections dataxz and datazy
plot_max_plan_and_vert Plot according to <plot_plan_and_vert> with the maximum values along the three axes of data
add_lines Add lines (points in the form Nx2) to axes
add_patches Add patches (points in the form Nx2) to axes