bin_altitude Calculates the height of a radar bin taking the refractivity of the atmosphere into account.
bin_distance Calculates great circle distance from radar site to radar bin over spherical earth, taking the refractivity of the atmosphere into account.
site_distance Calculates great circle distance from bin at certain altitude to the radar site over spherical earth, taking the refractivity of the atmosphere into account.

Polar Grid Functions

spherical_to_xyz Transforms spherical coordinates (r, phi, theta) to cartesian coordinates (x, y, z) centered at sitecoords (aeqd).
spherical_to_proj Transforms spherical coordinates (r, phi, theta) to projected coordinates centered at sitecoords in given projection.
spherical_to_polyvert Generate 3-D polygon vertices directly from spherical coordinates (r, phi, theta).
spherical_to_centroids Generate 3-D centroids of the radar bins from the sperical coordinates (r, phi, theta).
centroid_to_polyvert Calculates the 2-D Polygon vertices necessary to form a rectangular polygon around the centroid’s coordinates.
sweep_centroids Construct sweep centroids native coordinates.
maximum_intensity_projection Computes the maximum intensity projection along an arbitrary cut through the ppi from polar data.

Projection Functions

reproject Transform coordinates from a source projection to a target projection.
create_osr Conveniently supports the construction of osr spatial reference objects
proj4_to_osr Transform a proj4 string to an osr spatial reference object
epsg_to_osr Create osr spatial reference object from EPSG number
wkt_to_osr Create osr spatial reference object from WKT string
get_default_projection Create a default projection object (wgs84)
get_earth_radius Get the radius of the Earth (in km) for a given Spheroid model (sr) at a given position.

Raster Functions

read_gdal_values Read values from a gdal object.
read_gdal_projection Get a projection (OSR object) from a GDAL dataset.
read_gdal_coordinates Get the projected coordinates from a GDAL dataset.
extract_raster_dataset Extract data, coordinates and projection information
get_raster_extent Get the coordinates of the 4 corners of the raster dataset
get_raster_elevation Return surface elevation corresponding to raster dataset
reproject_raster_dataset Reproject/Resample given dataset according to keyword arguments
merge_raster_datasets Merge rasters.
create_raster_dataset Create In-Memory Raster Dataset
set_raster_origin Converts Data and Coordinates Origin
raster_to_polyvert Get raster polygonal vertices from gdal dataset.

Rectangular Grid Functions

get_radolan_coords Calculates x,y coordinates of radolan grid from lon, lat
get_radolan_grid Calculates x/y coordinates of radolan grid of the German Weather Service
xyz_to_spherical Returns spherical representation (r, theta, phi) of given cartesian coordinates (x, y, z) with respect to the reference altitude (asl) considering earth’s geometry (proj).
grid_to_polyvert Get polygonal vertices from rectangular grid coordinates.

Satellite Functions

correct_parallax Adjust the geo-locations of the SR pixels
dist_from_orbit Returns range distances of SR bins (in meters) as seen from the orbit

Vector Functions (GDAL)

get_vector_coordinates Function iterates over gdal ogr layer features and packs extracted vector coordinate points into nested ndarray
get_vector_points Extract coordinate points from given ogr geometry as generator object
transform_geometry Perform geotransformation to given destination SpatialReferenceSystem
ogr_create_layer Creates OGR.Layer objects in gdal.Dataset object.
ogr_copy_layer Copy OGR.Layer object.
ogr_copy_layer_by_name Copy OGR.Layer object.
ogr_add_feature Creates OGR.Feature objects in OGR.Layer object.
ogr_add_geometry Copies single OGR.Geometry object to an OGR.Layer object.
numpy_to_ogr Convert a vertex array to gdal/ogr geometry.
ogr_to_numpy Backconvert a gdal/ogr geometry to a numpy vertex array.
ogr_geocol_to_numpy Backconvert a gdal/ogr geometry Collection to a numpy vertex array.
get_centroid Return centroid of a polygon

Xarray Functions

as_xarray_dataarray Create Xarray DataArray from NumPy Array
create_xarray_dataarray Create Xarray DataArray from Polar Radar Data
georeference_dataset Georeference Dataset.