class wradlib.zonalstats.ZonalDataPoint(src, trg=None, buf=0.0, srs=None, **kwargs)

ZonalData object for source points

  • src (sequence of source points (shape Nx2) or) – ESRI Shapefile filename containing source points
  • trg (sequence of target polygons (shape Nx2, num vertices x 2) or) – ESRI Shapefile filename containing target polygons
Keyword Arguments:
  • buf (float) – (same unit as coordinates) Points will be considered inside the target if they are contained in the buffer.
  • srs (object) – OGR.SpatialReference will be used for DataSource object. src and trg data have to be in the same srs-format


See ZonalData.

dump_vector(filename[, driver, remove]) Output source/target grid points/polygons to ESRI_Shapefile
get_isec(idx) Returns intersections
get_source_index(idx) Returns source indices referring to target polygon idx
load_vector(filename) Load source/target grid points/polygons into in-memory Shapefile
count_intersections Returns number of intersections
isecs Returns intersections
srs Returns SpatialReferenceSystem object