class wradlib.io.xarray.XRadSweep(ncfile, ncpath, parent=None, **kwargs)

Class for holding one radar sweep

  • ncfile ({netCDF4.Dataset, h5py.File or h5netcdf.File object}) – File handle of file containing radar sweep
  • ncpath (str) – path to sweep group
append(value) S.append(value) – append value to the end of the sequence
extend(values) S.extend(iterable) – extend sequence by appending elements from the iterable
index(value, [start, [stop]]) Raises ValueError if the value is not present.
insert(pos, val) S.insert(index, value) – insert value before index
pop([index]) Raise IndexError if list is empty or index is out of range.
remove(value) S.remove(value) – remove first occurrence of value.
reset_data() Reset .data xr.Dataset
reverse() S.reverse() – reverse IN PLACE
a1gate Return and cache a1gate, azimuth of first measured gate
angle_resolution Return and cache angular resolution in degree.
attrs Return group attributes.
azimuth Return and cache azimuth xr.DataArray.
chunks Return chunks setting.
coords Returns xr.Dataset containing coordinates.
data Return and cache moments as combined xr.Dataset
decode_coords Return decode_coords setting.
decode_times Return decode_times setting.
elevation Return and cache elevation xr.DataArray.
endtime Return sweep endtime xr.DataArray.
engine Return engine used for accessing data
filename Return filename group belongs to.
fixed_angle Return and cache elevation angle in degree.
groups Return list of available groups.
how Return attributes of how-group.
mask_and_scale Return mask_and_scale setting.
moments Return list of moments.
nbins Return and cache number of bins.
ncfile Returns file handle.
ncid Returns handle for current path.
ncpath Returns path string inside HDF5 File.
nrays Return and cache number of rays.
parallel Return parallel setting.
parent Return parent object.
ray_times Return and cache ray_times xr.DataArray.
rng Return and cache range xr.DataArray.
starttime Return sweep starttime xr.DataArray.
time Return and cache time xr.DataArray.
what Return attributes of what-group.
where Return attributes of where-group.