class wradlib.io.xarray.XRadMoment(ncfile, ncpath, parent)

Class for holding one radar moment

  • ncfile ({netCDF4.Dataset, h5py.File or h5netcdf.File object}) – File handle of file containing radar sweep
  • ncpath (str) – path to moment group (datasetX)
  • parent (XRadSweep) – parent sweep object
attrs Return group attributes.
data Return moment xr.DataArray.
engine Return engine used for accessing data
filename Return filename group belongs to.
groups Return list of available groups.
how Return attributes of how-group.
ncfile Returns file handle.
ncid Returns handle for current path.
ncpath Returns path string inside HDF5 File.
parent Return parent object.
quantity Return quantity aka moment name
time Return sweep time.
what Return attributes of what-group.
where Return attributes of where-group.