wradlib.io.netcdf.read_edge_netcdf(filename, enforce_equidist=False)

Data reader for netCDF files exported by the EDGE radar software

The corresponding NetCDF files from the EDGE software typically contain only one variable (e.g. reflectivity) for one elevation angle (sweep). The elevation angle is specified in the attributes keyword “Elevation”. Please note that the radar might not return data with equidistant azimuth angles. In case you need equidistant azimuth angles, please set enforce_equidist to True.

  • filename (string) – path of the netCDF file
  • enforce_equidist (boolean) – Set True if the values of the azimuth angles should be forced to be equidistant; default value is False

output (numpy.array) – of image data (dBZ), dictionary of attributes