wradlib.georef.xarray.georeference_dataset(obj, **kwargs)

Georeference Dataset.

New in version 1.5.

This function adds georeference data to xarray Dataset/DataArray obj.


obj (xarray.Dataset | xarray.DataArray) –

Keyword Arguments:
  • proj (GDAL OSR SRS | cartopy CRS | None) – If GDAL OSR SRS, output is in this projection, else AEQD.
  • re (float) – earth’s radius [m]
  • ke (float) – adjustment factor to account for the refractivity gradient that affects radar beam propagation. In principle this is wavelength- dependent. The default of 4/3 is a good approximation for most weather radar wavelengths.

obj (xarray.Dataset | xarray.DataArray)