wradlib.georef.xarray.create_xarray_dataarray(data, r=None, phi=None, theta=None, site=None, sweep_mode='azimuth_surveillance', rf=1.0, **kwargs)

Create Xarray DataArray from Polar Radar Data

New in version 1.3.

  • data (numpy.ndarray) – The data array. It is assumed that the first dimension is over the azimuth angles, while the second dimension is over the range bins
  • r (numpy.ndarray) – The ranges. Units may be chosen arbitrarily, m preferred.
  • phi (numpy.ndarray) – The azimuth angles in degrees.
  • theta (numpy.ndarray) – The elevation angles in degrees.
  • proj (osr object) – Destination Spatial Reference System (Projection).
  • site (tuple) – Tuple of coordinates of the radar site.
  • sweep_mode (str) – Defaults to ‘azimuth_surveillance’.
  • rf (float) – factor to scale range, defaults to 1. (no scale)
Keyword Arguments:
  • re (float) – effective earth radius
  • ke (float) – adjustment factor to account for the refractivity gradient that affects radar beam propagation. Defaults to 4/3.
  • dim0 (str) – Name of the first dimension. Defaults to ‘azimuth’.
  • dim1 (str) – Name of the second dimension. Defaults to ‘range’.

dataset (xr.DataArray) – DataArray