wradlib.zr.z_to_r_enhanced(z, algo='plain', **kwargs)

Calculates rainrates from radar reflectivities using the enhanced three-part Z-R-relationship used by the DWD (as of 2009)

To be used with polar representations so that one dimension is cyclical. i.e. z should be of shape (nazimuths, nbins) –> the first dimension is the cyclical one. For DWD DX-Data z’s shape is (360,128).

Parameters:z (a float or an array of floats) – Corresponds to reflectivity Z in mm**6/m**3 must be a 2-D array
  • r (numpy.ndarray) – r - array of shape z.shape - calculated rain rates
  • si (numpy.ndarray) – si - array of shape z.shape - calculated shower index for control purposes. May be omitted in later versions