class wradlib.io.iris.IrisRawFile(irisfile, **kwargs)

Class for retrieving data from Sigmet IRIS RAW files.

array_from_record(words, width, dtype) Retrieve array from current record.
bytes_from_record(words, width) Retrieve bytes from current record.
decode_data(data, prod) Decode data according given prod-dict.
get_compression_code() Read and return data compression code.
get_data() Retrieve all sweeps from file.
get_data_headers() Retrieve all sweep ingest_data_header from file.
get_data_types() Returns the available data types.
get_ingest_data_headers() Read and return ingest data headers.
get_product_specific_info() Retrieves product specific info
get_product_type_code() Returns product type code.
get_raw_prod_bhdr() Read and unpack raw product bhdr.
get_ray(data) Retrieve single ray.
get_sweep(moment) Retrieve a single sweep.
get_task_type_scan_info() Retrieves task type info
init_next_record() Get next record from file.
init_record(recnum) Initialize record using given number.
read_from_record(words, dtype) Read from record/file.
data Returns product data.
data_type Returns product configuration data type.
data_types Returns list of data type dictionaries.
data_types_count Returns number of data types.
data_types_names Returns list of data type names.
fh Returns file-memmap object.
filepos Returns current byte position of data file.
filesize Returns filesize.
ingest_header Returns ingest_header dictionary.
loaddata Returns loaddata switch.
nbins Returns number of bins.
nrays Returns number of rays.
nsweeps Returns number of sweeps.
product_hdr Returns product_hdr dictionary.
product_type Returns product type.
product_type_code Returns product type code.
raw_product_bhdrs Returns raw_product_bhdrs dictionary.
rawdata Returns rawdata switch.
record_number Returns current record number.
rh Returns current record object.
sweeps Returns dictionary of retrieved sweeps.