class wradlib.adjust.AdjustMFB(obs_coords, raw_coords, nnear_raws=9, stat='median', mingages=5, minval=0.0, mfb_args=None, ipclass=<class 'wradlib.ipol.Idw'>, **ipargs)

Multiplicative gage adjustment using one correction factor for the entire domain.

This method is also known as the Mean Field Bias correction.


Inherits from wradlib.adjust.AdjustBase

For a complete overview of parameters for the initialisation of adjustment objects, as well as an extensive example, please see wradlib.adjust.AdjustBase.

Returns:output (array of adjusted radar values)
__call__(obs, raw[, targets, rawatobs, ix]) Returns an array of raw values that are adjusted by obs.
xvalidate(obs, raw) Leave-One-Out Cross Validation, applicable to all gage adjustment classes.