IDEs for Python

Development Environments vs. Notebooks

Jupyter notebooks are great for courses and for interactive data exploration. However, they are not suited for developing applications. Once you start to build applications or scripts on top of \(\omega radlib\), you should use a suitable Integrated Development Environment (IDE). IDEs give you the opportunity for organising different source files, debugging, available inspection and a lot more.

Some suitable IDEs

There is a comprehensive Wiki article on Python IDEs. Maybe a bit too comprehensive… if you already are used to an IDE and happy with it, there is no reason to change it.

However, if you have no idea which IDE to choose, why not start with Spyder? It is included in the Anaconda Python Distribution by default. If you installed Anaconda, just open a shell (Anaconda Prompt on Windows) and enter:

$ spyder

Alternatively, we can warmly recommend PyCharm which has a free, yet powerful Community Edition.