Release Notes

Please note that \(\omega radlib\) releases follow semantic versioning. API breaks will be announced via deprecation warnings. All \(\omega radlib\) releases come without any warranty. Release notes might be incomplete. See here for a complete record of changes.

You can install the latest \(\omega radlib\) release from PyPI via $ pip install wradlib or specific version via $ pip install wradlib==x.y.z. The recommended installation process is described in Installation.

Version 1.13.0

New features



  • use reasonable default values in io.xarray.to_odim (gain, offset, nodata, undetect, fillvalue)

  • add cf attributes when reading GAMIC files (PR523) by @kmuehlbauer

  • fix regression in legacy GAMIC reader (PR523) by @kmuehlbauer

  • catch dt.accessor TypeError (PR529) by @kmuehlbauer

  • fix thread-lock issue, if dask is not installed (PR531) by @kmuehlbauer

  • use int instead in radolan header parser (PR531) by @kmuehlbauer

  • fix several tests (PR531) by @kmuehlbauer

  • other minor fixes distributed over several PR’s

Version 1.12.0

  • withdrawn, please use 1.13.0.

Version 1.11.0

New features



Version 1.10.0

New features



Version 1.9.0

New features



Version 1.8.0

New features

  • add WN product size (1200,1000) to radolan grid, add test for correct reference point (lower left) (GH448) reported by @julste (PR449) by @kmuehlbauer

  • add WN and YW products to radolan to xarray converter (PR450) by @kmuehlbauer


  • remove deprecated and unused code and handle upstream deprecations (PR450) by @kmuehlbauer


Version 1.7.4


Version 1.7.3



Version 1.7.2



  • use pytest for testing, implement “@require_data” to be able to run tests in case of missing wradlib-data (PR434) by @kmuehlbauer

  • enhance azure ci workflow by adding flake8 linter and uploading coverage (PR436) by @kmuehlbauer

  • minor changes to

Version 1.7.1


  • add azure CI tests

  • code formatting according to black/isort/flake8, add setup.cfg

  • add show_versions

  • use new semver parse

  • add github templates

  • all above done in (PR432) by @kmuehlbauer

Version 1.7.0


New features


Version 1.6.2

Version 1.6.1

Version 1.6.0


New features


Version 1.5.0


  • consolidation of xarray based functionality, bugfixing, feature adding

  • speedup zonal statistics by using /vsimem, by creation of spatial and attribute index files as well as by faster reading of attributes and properties

New features

  • make OdimH5 reader accept list of files and merge into one structure

  • make chunks available for transparently use dask with OdimH5 and CfRadial readers

  • make gdal3 compatible (added by @egouden)

  • use loaddata=’xarray’ kwargs to output data as Xarray Dataset in read_radolan_composite

  • CI: add Appveyor to run test-suite under Windows OS


  • use importlib in import_optional, correct multidimensional calling in gradient_along_axis

  • several fixes for OdimH5 and Cf/Radial readers/writers

  • set destination projection to destination dataset in reproject_raster_dataset (spotted by wradlib-forum)

Version 1.4.0


  • read sigmet/iris ingest files, redesign of sigmet reader (suggested by @aschueth)

  • enhance/rewrite fuzzy echo classifier (implemented with @overeem11)

New features

  • parametrize xarray based OdimH5-reader (suggested by @egouden)

  • add depolarization ratio calculation (implemented by @overeem11)

  • add script for test profiling (added by @egouden)


  • remove unnecessary seek in radolan-reader (suggested by @PPazderski)

  • correct handling of edge cases in dp.texture processing (spotted by @overeem11)

  • correct decoding of DB_FLIQUID2 (sigmet-reader) (implemented by @ckaradavut)

  • correct handling of non-precip in 2D hmc (spotted by and fixed with @bzohidov)

  • fix semver handling and install process (suggested by @s-m-e)

  • fix import for MutableMapping (added by @zssherman)

Version 1.3.0


  • wradlib is considered Python3 only working with Python >= 3.6

  • xarray-powered reader/writer for Cf/Radial 1.X and 2.0 as well as ODIM_H5

  • xarray-powered plotting using DataArray via xarray-DataArray Accessor

New features

  • creation of xarray DataArray from spherical coordinates and radar data

  • update test machinery to use pytest (mainly CI use)

  • correctly apply semver


  • beamblockage calculation, precisely detect clear or blocked beam

  • catch HTTPError in test_radiosonde, graceful skip test

  • spherical_to_xyz better aligns with input dimensions

Version 1.2.0


  • significantly speed up functions using interpolation classes

  • add classify module including 2d membershipfunctions hydrometeor classification

  • fix conformance, correctness and consistency issues in wradlib-docs (thanks @CAM-Gerlach)

New features

  • add new header token VR and U to radolan header parser

  • add load_vector-method to zonaldata.DataSource

  • enable zonaldata.ZonaldataBase to take DataSource objects as parameters

  • add get_radiosonde to io.misc to retrieve radiosonde data from internet

  • add minalt keyword argument to vpr.make_3d_grid


  • update links, fix typos, improve CI workflow

  • fix bug in all adjustment classes when checking for None

  • show angle axis curvelinear grid again

  • align docstring with actual code and use sweep in iris-reader

Version 1.1.0


  • use with-statement in rainbow-reader

  • fix in gpm-reader and rainbow_reader

  • fix issues with cg-plot in vis-module

  • fix in gdal/ogr exception handling

  • update in versioning/release procedure

  • automatic build of devel-docs

Version 1.0.0


  • export notebooks into dedicated wradlib-notebooks

  • export doc into dedicated wradlib-docs

  • complete rewrite of CI-integration

  • complete rework of modules

Pre 1.0.0 Versions

Versions before 1.0.0 are available from the wradlib-old repository.