Release Notes

Please note that \(\omega radlib\) releases follow semantic versioning. API breaks will be announced via deprecation warnings. All \(\omega radlib\) releases come without any warranty. Release notes might be incomplete. See here for a complete record of changes.

You can install the latest \(\omega radlib\) release from PyPI via $ pip install wradlib or specific version via $ pip install wradlib==x.y.z. The recommended installation process is described in Getting Started.

Bleeding Edge

Nothing, so far

Version 1.1.0


  • use with-statement in rainbow-reader
  • fix in gpm-reader and rainbow_reader
  • fix issues with cg-plot in vis-module
  • fix in gdal/ogr exception handling
  • update in versioning/release procedure
  • automatic build of devel-docs

Version 1.0.0


  • export notebooks into dedicated wradlib-notebooks
  • export doc into dedicated wradlib-docs
  • complete rewrite of CI-integration
  • complete rework of modules

Pre 1.0.0 Versions

Versions before 1.0.0 are available from the wradlib-old repository.